Having entered the wedding planning 'world' by accident, Saraí has serendipitously found all her skills and passions now perfectly in place every time she does a wedding or event design. 'Creating beauty and meaning through event design' is how she describes her work. I am happy to introduce you to the floral and design genius of Saraí, my friend, entrepreneur, wedding designer, and all-round creative soul based in San Miguel de Allende (SMA). If you're looking for someone to pour love and care into your dream wedding in Mexico look no further.

Her Masters in Communications with a focus on crisis management may have seemed like an unlikely start to a career in event and wedding design for destination weddings; but working in the hotel industry where soon enough they start sending all the couples to her desk, she was already well on her path to her destiny. Saraí loves communicating with people in a way that makes them feel heard, safe, and represented. A natural mediator, she takes the stress out of what could be a potentially stress-filled time. She delights in a creative field that allows her inspiration and curiosity to thrive. Saraí also possesses a particular skill for harmony and ease, which is translated not only on how she does things but how they look too. I'm sure it also doesn't hurt to have her background in crisis management to smooth every little detail out and infuse joy and tranquility into your most special day.