Grace and Trever's

#TBT - Destination Wedding Spotlight

The couple:

Highschool sweethearts Grace and Trever have had the most beautiful journey ever since their first date at her high school’s football game. So it’s only right that the wedding they envisioned – an easy going day full of love and energy – was just as fittingly beautiful. 


Grace and Trever, are two of the most genuinely fun people I’ve met and they are all about laughing and having fun together. They were looking forward to a day filled with making magical memories and pictures that captured them just being themselves, being silly and enjoying each other in the moment.

Destination Wedding Spotlight

#TBT – Destination Wedding Spotlight

Grace and Trever’s Getaway Gazebo Wedding at Puerto Los Cabos full of Fun and Laughter

It’s Thursday and you know what that means, yes, #TBT and Wedding Spotlight time!

This time I’m taking you back to that fateful moment when Grace Ecklund and Trever Miller found me on Google (Yayy!! And thanks Google!). As Grace had put it when reaching out to me, “I absolutely love your photos and how you capture real moments.”

So now I had my work set out for me, to capture their beautiful, real moments of love and I’m taking you down memory lane with me to one of the most wonderful days I have ever had the privilege of sharing with two of the most cheerful and lovely people I’ve ever met.

The venue:

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf and Spa Resort in San José del Cabo is a gorgeous destination in the Baja California region of Mexico. This AAA Four Diamond resort in the heart of the ultra-exclusive Puerto Los Cabos community provides the perfect luxury escape for couples looking to wed sans the stress. 


What more can one ask for when there’s nature’s perfect backdrop in the form of picturesque private beaches and one-of-a-kind sunrises and sunsets that make for the most unique and magical wedding pictures to look back on as well. Its unique wedding gazebo is a big favourite with couples and also strikes that right balance between being a beachy casual outdoors installation while also being a traditional or more formal structure for the wedding ceremony or rites. The big bonus is it can be styled any way the couple likes and offers that unique customisation according to each bride and groom’s personal style, faiths, traditional rites or rituals they’d like to incorporate into their special day while being a strong enough focal point structurally that just naturally brings everything together.

Destination Wedding Spotlight

What's the Magic Word?

The wedding:

Destination Wedding Spotlight

Grace and Trever had decided on a destination wedding a long time ago, just so it would be stress free. Their special day was a gorgeous outdoor evening ceremony in the wedding gazebo surrounded by the love and warmth from their close knit circle of loved ones and the breathtakingly stunning backdrop of nature at Puerto Los Cabos. 


It’s very rare to see a couple plan their day to be so intentionally laidback and unique to their own vibe and style. For me personally this wedding was unique in that it brought me a new experience, a different kind of joy as a photographer, to get to then document them being so in their own zone as they got to enjoy and soak in the moment in each and every tiny detail of the day quite like this amazing pair did. There was zero fuss and stress and everything was uniquely perfect to their own personal style and just how they had envisioned and wanted.



We shot some organic moments in the lead up to the ceremony with everyone getting ready and sharing small cherished moments, especially the bride and groom. We were able to get some amazing, happy and totally in-the-moment photos of them revelling in each others’ love in the rustic ambience of the hotel under the warmest evening light followed by group pictures before the ceremony or as the bride put it “before anyone sheds a tear”. The ceremony itself was radiant in all its beauty and simplicity and we had the best end to a lovely day with some intimate pictures as the sun began to set afterwards.

From the bride about how the whole day and pictures turned out: “I am so in love with them! I have shown so many people your photos, everyone has said the same thing: they are absolutely incredible. We cannot thank you enough for capturing our day.”


It is always a delight to hear words like these as they reaffirm the part I am able to play in documenting a beautiful love story. Truly this was a wonderful and humbling experience personally, being there to share in their happiness and also a very professionally fulfilling experience to capture for posterity these candid yet heartwarming and timeless pictures.

Congratulations once again to Grace and Trever and my thanks to them for entrusting me the honor of capturing these special, beautiful moments full of connection and laughter and love. For more wedding inspiration check out this Boho Mexican Style Wedding.

#TBT – Destination Wedding Spotlight