Love Must Go On: An Elopement Wedding During Pandemic


Enjoy the here and now! You and your significant other are deeply in love, you are already decided and you definitely will be the pioneers of the elopement wedding trend in Mexico during Covid-19.

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Elopement wedding Mexico

An Elopement Wedding During Pandemic…

Well, the true story is that is all about the two of you and later, you can still have a big celebration. Elopement is the most intimate, intentionally small, and meaningful wedding experience.

Instead of getting sad about your perfectly planned big celebration with tens or hundreds of guests, the food, the drinks, the music playing, the wedding cake, the flowers… Think that this could be an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your partner in crime. Negotiate with your vendors to postpone the party, because it can still be an excellent six-month anniversary celebration.

Enjoy the here and now! You and your significant other are deeply in love, you are already decided and you definitely will be the pioneers of the elopement wedding trend in Mexico during Covid-19.

But first things first, this is about what you both want, there is no need for you to feel guilty or regret about eloping. Sure, it’s possible that few people won’t be as excited as you when they hear the news. It will help if you reveal that you have eloped in a way that is still personal (maybe to some family and close friends). Today more than ever we can easily stream through Zoom the big day for family and close friends.

That being said… yes, an elopement is so much easier to organize, it´s sure to take a lot of things of your hands, but still, you might want to make some plans in order to avoid complications.

It is a little awkward to talk about money when you are thinking about something that should involve nothing else than the love you feel for each other, so, let’s rip off that band-aid: you will have some expenses, there… now we can move on.

You still need a pro, to make things easier for you. Find out if there are wedding planners that can help you locally. If there are no wedding planners available, here you have some useful tips:

Find out about the legalities, such as the paperwork you will need to send in advance, the documents you will need to present at the wedding and the paperwork that you will need to register the marriage when you come back (if you plan to get married in a foreign country).

Consider having a professional wedding photographer to take photographs or film the ceremony, it’s better if you don’t depend on the goodwill of passer-byes.

You can book an intimate restaurant to have a romantic dinner, brunch, lunch, or breakfast after you get married, or maybe, you can contact a local chef to cook a nice meal just for the two of you.

Prepare to look gorgeous that day, it doesn’t have to be an expensive tuxedo or a designer dress, if you don´t feel like any of those, you can choose any outfit that you like, one that makes you feel comfortable, and most importantly, that make you happy.

Groom, as much or as little as you want, but groom.
Last, but not least, other than the time of the ceremony, try not to have a rigid schedule for that day, flow with the day and the experience.

By the way, did I mention that if you elope, you might not get to receive wedding presents? Just kidding… There are plenty of online stores that deliver presents very fast. I´m pretty sure that your guests will understand.

The Eleven Most Important Things to Consider When Eloping:
1.- Elope for the right reasons.
2.- No guilt or regrets.
3.- Plan in advance. There will be some costs.
4.- How and when to reveal.
5.- The legal thing.
6.- Traveling for the most wonderful day. Is that even possible right now?
7.- An image says more than a thousand words. Please, hire a professional photographer!
8.- Take the extra mile to make it really special.
9.- Look gorgeous, keep some mystery.
10.- Just go with the flow on the big day.
11.- So… we won’t get the gifts? Create a wedding list in your favorite online store.