And then...What Blooms Blossom?

Their work as described on their site, ‘seeks to transmit design in its most sensitive and pure form: Nature’ and they are known for their wild, natural style inspired by the textures, shapes and colours they see in gardens and natural spaces in the wild. Clara aspires to transform their clients’ brief into an all-encompassing, sensual experience that isn’t just a treat for their eyes but also for each of the other senses as well. 

And Clara doesn’t take this reverence for and inspiration from nature lightly. She believes that the elements that you lack become very important in your life and in her case being originally from Torreón Coahuila, that is in the middle of a desert in Mexico, nature, plants and of course flowers made extraordinary sense and are supremely meaningful and significant to everything. Added to this her love of design and everything that emanates from it was just the perfect mix.