Their love shines loud and bright!

Cute-and-fun Kelli and sweet-and-reserved Michael are a self-proclaimed shy couple but we think their love shines loud and bright!

One look at these pictures from their fun and relaxed engagement shoot and it’s hard not to agree with that, right?

They couldn’t have picked a more striking location as the backdrop for this day than Viceroy Los Cabos where stunning and magnificent architectural beauty meets the surrounding, spectacularly picturesque and unspoiled natural landscape that simply takes your breath away.

The sublime softness of the light they’re basking in; the beautiful expanse of this reflective space that holds one in awe of it’s art and architecture; the radiance on Kelli and Michael’s faces, their inside jokes, sweet smiles and caresses; the tenderness of these moments and the soft glow of promise and adventure that lies ahead for them in their beautiful happily together forever – all these elements came together simply, perfectly and exquisitely for this remarkable special day.