Fer & Sebas wedding at a beautiful hacienda in San Miguel de Allende

Fer Bonilla & Sebas Gala wedding at a beautiful hacienda in San Miguel de Allende

If you’re dreaming of a rustic wedding with architecturally stunning, historical, tall white buildings and breathtaking expanses of lush, green, scenic landscapes as the backdrop for your wedding pictures then this one’s for you! 


The charming couple, Fer and Sebas, are two of the most fun and relaxed people we’ve gotten to know and their innate happiness, lovely personalities, and natural beauty both inside and out made them a joy to photograph. Since we captured their gorgeous engagement shoot we already knew their wedding day was going to be nothing short of surreal. 

The venue, Hacienda Santa Ana y Lobos in San Miguel de Allende is an strikingly impressive estate vastly beautiful! Truth be told, one can’t help but embrace the serenity that abounds here in a place as picturesque as it is, with the backdrop of a wedding location that was like a fascinating time machine. This wedding was truly a dream!


It’s the important little details and style choices that tell the most perfect story. Fer looked absolutely resplendent in a timeless, wedding gown by designer Adriana Madrid. The decor was a simple yet sophisticated blend of nudes shades with flowers by Florklor Estudio whose alluring arrangements always leave us in quiet awe of their beauty.

For a couple who have been together as long as they have, which is 11 years and counting, their secret to a love that lasts, is simple and not really much of a secret. As Fer puts it, you accept the other without ever trying to change them through all of the inevitable ups and downs life will bring your way.

Congratulations to Fer and Sebas on their classy-bohemian hacienda wedding with a modern twist. We are so grateful to have had the honor of documenting their special day.