An immense hacienda with imposing and incredibly rustic white buildings that dates way back to the 1600s is the perfect place to capture a love that’s stood the test of time – a love like the one this adorable couple, Fer and Sebas, shares. The beautiful Hacienda Santa Ana y Lobos fits that description perfectly. 


This strikingly impressive estate is vast and also vastly beautiful! Situated close to both artsy San Miguel de Allende, that cultural and historical city in the Mexican Highlands and Pozos, a serene and starkly beautiful ghost town that has recently been given a new start as it is slowly being revived into an artist colony of sorts with a distinct bohemian vibe, this venue is an amazing hidden gem. Like a fascinating, historical time machine it transports you in an instant to a magical time long gone by where one can almost breathe in the stories this place has to tell. 


With all the natural beauty in this picturesque location it isn’t hard to embrace the serenity that abounds here. And when you still your mind as you stand quietly in awe here at Hacienda Santa Ana y Lobos you would probably swear you can hear the actual whispers in those walls. 


To be right there in the moment, capturing the celebration of more than 11 years of love and friendship between Fer and Sebas, these two most wonderful, easy-going, funny and stunningly gorgeous people was a real treat! We can’t believe we’ve been so late to share the amazing images from their engagement shoot that the day of their wedding has already arrived! Their secret to a love that lasts, in their own words, is to accept the other without ever trying to change them through all of the inevitable ups and downs life will bring your way. And in a way this hacienda was the perfect place to capture this exact essence of their journey of love through all of these years.