Love is in the Air and in the San Diego Sea Breeze: Neto and Olivia’s Engagement Session

Ocean Beach San Diego was the perfect setting for this fun engagement session with Neto and Olivia. Any place where laidback Wednesday’s Farmers Markets and chilled out alternative beach feels are not out of place alongside exciting modern businesses, boutiques and breweries/brewpubs is our kind of place. 

This locality is where both the old and the new meet and mingle and this lends a strangely vintage vibe while also being vibrant, contemporary, and uber cool. It gave us the ideal backdrop for an engagement session and these wonderful pictures that give a glimpse into Olivia and Neto’s story so far while also marking that indescribable sense of promise and excitement for what lies in store for them in their journey ahead.

The couple whose adventure together first started 5 years ago through the magic of modern, tech-enabled matchmaking knew this was much more than something casual and took just 4 months to realise they wanted to spend their lives together with their stories permanently entwined.

Don’t you just love it when there is so much laughter, love and happy, lost-in-the-moment energy that just shines through the photos? They recount (even days, months or years later) to anyone and everyone the intensity of just how real and beautiful moments like these are frozen in time.

The eccentric ambience and vivid hues of this very hip location had just the perfect energy that vibed so well with the couple in front of the lens. And as bright as this bohemian  neighbourhood’s art, murals and walls behind them are, their happiness and love shines brighter!