CDMX Las Vizcainas.
This place is part of the history of Baroque architecture in Mexico. Located in the center of Mexico City, this place is magical, majestic and has an interesting history.

SMA Rosewood
This Hotel has the most amazing view of San Miguel de Allende. It reflects the artistic traditions of this charmingly historic town.

CDMX Convento De San Hipolito
It was founded by Hernán Cortés and the conquistadores. It is an important place in the ecclesiastical and conquest history of Mexico. It hs been lovingly restored and now counts with luxurious spaces and vintage architecture.

SMA Live Aqua
It is an avant-garde space with the subtle touch of a splendid past, with functional and perfectly designed spaces.

Hacienda San Jose La Vista
It is a beautiful location with a bucolic landscape and lakes, which makes the atmosphere warm, rustic and romantic.

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