Luxury wedding san miguel de allende by lucero alvarez 37

Want to be Wowed at your own Wedding?


Of course every bride and groom wants it to be smooth sailing on their wedding day! 

While almost every wedding planner will claim they can give you your dream wedding there’s one destination wedding planner we know who consistently delivers over and above her clients’ expectations and even wows them at their own wedding! 

Lucero Alvarez is her name and she’s got both the actual credentials as well as some totally awesome street cred to prove just that!

Lucero Alvarez Wedding Planner

With just about every industry certification possible including those from ABC & INIBEP, the institutions that certify wedding planners in Latin America, as well as US-based SQI (Service Quality Institute) this wedding planner extraordinaire doesn’t just simply deliver on her promise for the perfect wedding. In fact, she has made it her mission and lives for that moment where she sees the eyes of her brides and grooms just positively light up the minute they enter their wedding venue and realize that Lucero has not just outdone herself but totally surpassed every imaginable expectation and dream they’ve had of what their special day would be like. That’s probably the reason why her team and her are certified Destination Wedding Specialists by SECTUR (Mexico Secretariat of Tourism)!

‘aha’ moment!

If you’re wondering how she does it or more importantly why Lucero goes to such lengths to craft a wedding day that is sheer perfection from start to finish, she will take you back nostalgically all the way to the very beginning – her own wedding of course. Her career as a planner was born from that ‘aha’ moment she had as a young bride herself in the middle of planning all the intricate details so full of meaning and that were important to her for her own special day. It dawned on her that there just didn’t yet exist in San Miguel de Allende and Queretaro a real formal wedding planning service for international couples, foreigners and couples not from Mexico who just would not know this beautiful place like she does now. And just like that she found her calling.


The company


“I decided then, to create the company I would like to have found back then”, she says of how it all began. She goes on to add that they now focus on luxury destination weddings in both cities, offering a high quality bilingual planning service that really goes above and beyond.

While all the weddings she’s worked on are special to Lucero, she reminisces with us about one of the most unique weddings she had ever planned that was a “Boda Charra” with all the traditions of this particular group in Mexico. “The groom dressed in a beautiful black charro suit, escorted by 20 other charros who were there supporting their dear friend as the newlyweds walked down the aisle.”