At the heart of Mexico lies historical San Miguel de Allende and at the heart of San Miguel de Allende, just a few blocks away from the city centre, lies captivating Casa Cien and there couldn’t be a more unique location to a wedding as out of this world as Taylor and Jeff’s! 

With some of the bluest blue skies and greenest green gardens and the prettiest purples of jacarandas in the spring Casa Cien is as gorgeous a venue as you can find. Add to this the old-world charm of magical staircases, brick-faced arches, shimmering pools and lingering sunsets and it’s pretty much a fairytale come to life. 

Taylor and Jeff’s wedding was just as enchanting as the venue they chose and they left nothing to chance as they entrusted their dream wedding in the capable and skilful hands of expert wedding planner Gilbran Riebeling. With a Callejoneada (a Mexican style wedding parade through the streets) and other bits of tradition mixed in with their own personal style it was the perfect balance between local flavour and a wedding true to themselves. 

A beautiful lace gown and a suit in the shade of deep burgundy; exchanging vows under a flower arch that was the perfect colour combo; sharing a quiet moment together amongst towering green cacti - these were just some of the many beautiful and intimate moments in a wedding that was an absolute fun. Add to this tons of good food and wine and this is one wedding no one’s going to forget.
If you’d like a wedding that’s filled with one-of-a-kind details like this wedding was (who wouldn’t want that, am I right?!?) and delightful photos of you and the one you love in dreamy San Miguel de Allendewrite me here and we’ll make it happen!