Monserrat Guerrero

Wednesday Q&A with Boutique Wedding Planner

Talk us through your career reel as a wedding planner from start till date


I started working with a company for many years where it was a common thing to handle multiple events during the same weekend. I started to tire of this and didn’t enjoy my work anymore, so I decided to start my own company with my own brand. We are a boutique company and I usually do just one wedding per weekend because my wedding planning philosophy is that a bride deserves all my attention.

Monserrat Guerrero Quijada is a name that’s synonymous with that touch of class, luxury and all things beautiful. This destination wedding planner based in San Miguel de Allende creates Boho-chic weddings that are the stuff of dreams. Don’t believe us? Check out her IG feed for the most gorgeous, chic wedding inspiration and get lost in awe of all she’s created for tons of brides and grooms past. 

Today we have the incredible opportunity to take a sneak peek inside her mind, to take a closer look at her thought process, approach and most importantly a bit of how she creates sheer wedding magic. Here are her questions to our wedding planning rapid fire round.

The venue:

What questions do you think brides and grooms should ask when looking for a planner?


The top three questions any couple should ask when looking at a prospective wedding planner are: 

  1. Where is the wedding planner located/based out of?
  2. What kind of wedding have they usually planned in the past? i.e. what’s their wedding planning style? and
  3. Is the planner open to planning a different wedding style?


What is your favorite part of working with brides and grooms?


My favorite part is when they come to decide everything for their wedding; the menu, venue, theme, flowers, decorations and we do a tour where I walk them through each and every thing that would happen on their day and explain any situation that will be a part of the wedding. We meet slowly, the extended wedding party and I get to know their family, friends and most importantly their personal tastes.

What's the Magic Word?

The wedding:

What do you think brides and grooms should know when planning a destination wedding?


Every couple planning a destination wedding should know that it involves more expenses for them and their guests. So our idea is to offer their guests a great experience during their weekend. We plan events or give recommendations of the different activities offered by each city to make their time there a complete and uniquely unforgettable experience.


What is the most unique wedding you ever planned?


I planned a wedding where the theme was the colour orange. It was simply beautiful and I never imagined that wedding would be published in Over the Moon By Vogue and featured in The Cut magazine. The bridesmaids dressed in an orange palette and every detail – the decor, the flowers and food – was amazing for the family and friends! That wedding was amazing for me.

Your five Favorite Venues in Mexico and why?


My top five wedding venues in Mexico would have to be:


    1. Casa Chorro – an incredible colonial home with the most breathtaking views
    2. Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende – an urban resort which boasts of a subtle but amazing touch of the past
  • Instituto Allende – a visual arts school which doubles as an architectural gem and a most amazing venue with that cobblestoned, colonial-era vibe and a beautiful historic old church in the background
    1. Rancho las Sabinas –  which offers an abundance of green and wonderful options for an indoor or outdoor celebration, and last but definitely not the least,
  • Luna Escondida – an idyllic intimate space that is popular for good reason with its lush landscapes that transport you to paradise


So, why are these my favourites you ask? Well all of them are in San Miguel de Allende. As you can see, I love the city.

Are you thinking of a destination wedding in San Miguel de Allende too? We say you’ve made a wise choice. Like Monserrat, we absolutely love it too and it’s one of our favourite places to capture magical moments of that special day of yours. For more on this beautiful colonial town full of stunning art, architecture, and culture as well as other destination wedding inspiration from all over Mexico and beyond, stop by these posts.