(Plus Bonus Venues you just have to check out when your vows are said and done!)

So the BIG question has been asked and answered and after all that excitement of “I can’t believe we’re engaged!!!” a destination has been chosen for your special day.

Cabo it is!

Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be here looking for, which is the undisputed and best wedding venue for that dreamy destination wedding you’ve got literally no time left to plan. But don’t break out into a panicked sweat just yet. 

We LOVE Cabo (more than we can convey in mere words) and we’ve got your back! After all, with over 10 years and several hundreds of unforgettable wedding/engagement/elopement memories captured at every imaginable style of venue, here you can say we’ve done all the boring legwork for you. You can thank us later! 

For now go ahead and give yourself permission to relax and sip on a celebratory margarita as you read ahead for our picks of some of the most blissfully perfect places to tie the knot in Los Cabos. Whatever your personal style, we guarantee there’s at least one (and likely more than just one) venue on this list you will fall in love with.