Sofia Parrodi

Where Wizardry meets Wedding Planning

“Unreal!”, “full of class, details and perfect organization”, “amazing from start to finish”, “the best of days” are just some of the words you hear about the sheer magic that is the wedding planning wizardry-come-to-life when Sofia Parrodi wields her wand to execute with elegance the details many couples had until then only dreamed of for their special day. And she does it so that the day surprises them by being even better than they had dreamed.

The Wedding Planning

It’s almost Halloween! One of our (if not THE MOST) favorite holidays/ seasons and in keeping with the festive theme that is already in the air this time of the year, it’s only right we introduce you to someone equally magical – exquisite wedding planner, organizational maven, my friend, and event planning whiz extraordinaire, Sofia Parrodi.

Quality and Quantity

The elan with which Sofia works her magic though is no surprise because the quality you’re guaranteed is the outcome of years of experience. Having her beginnings in the events business in 2012, working for Fest, a well-known local events firm she learned lots of skills, mainly about logistics and management in events for more than 3,000 people. In 2014, after graduating in entrepreneurship, shec decided to start her own business in the wedding industry and has since accumulated more than 100 beautiful wedding experiences to her track record. So while we agree quality over quantity seems right in most cases in this case you get the benefit of both, the quality that comes backed by quantity – the sheer number of delighted customers that vouch for her can’t all be wrong, right?

The Wedding Planning

What's the Magic Word?

The Wedding Planning

So what does this expert recommend you look for when planning a destination wedding? Location, transportation, connectivity from your home to the venue, weather/wedding season, availability of hotels in the area, currency exchange, budget, and last but not least, your guests’ availability to travel are the most important aspects that round up Sofia’s top ten things to consider when you’re planning to wed away from home.


Her sage advice for brides and grooms is to first look through each potential wedding planner’s portfolio to see if it matches their own style as a couple. Second, they should ask about their years of experience. And third, about the way they handle the events of clients from abroad. Sofia strongly believes that finding the perfect planner for you is a combination of that gut feeling and the right personality match.



We ask if there’s been a wedding that’s left her spellbound, or which one she considers the most unique wedding she’s ever planned and true to form of the greatest masters and teachers she lets on that she’s still learning despite her vast experience and expertise. 


“I really enjoy making weddings for people from all over the world. Last year, I had an Aussie-Mexican wedding where the bride and groom taught me so much about environmental consciousness and introduced me to green weddings. I love the effort we put in to portray the mélange of both cultures.” 


Says Sofia of weddings that are one-of-a-kind and stand out in people’s memories long after the day, “I believe the most unique weddings are the ones where the guests can see the personality and essence of the couple.” and this is something that’s abundantly on display through all of Sofia’s work. Check out her Instagram handle @sofiparrodiwp for more breathtakingly beautiful weddings here.


Sofia’s Top Five Favorite Venues in Mexico to wave her Magic Wand

Sofia calls Querétaro home but given her vast experience with weddings all across the country this wedding whiz is equally at ease regardless of where her clients wish to wed. But which venues have been her favorites you ask?


  1. Hacienda Viborillas: One of Sofia’s favorites is also the most complete hacienda she’s ever known. It greets you with a vintage train completely set as an original and it even has an authentic barbershop, a bar, and an apothecary in it! It has the most beautiful restored chapel for couples who love everything traditional and for those keen to go off the beaten track, an actual eccentric but breathtaking set of underground caves for events.


  1. Hacienda La Solariega: “I really love the fauna and how green the venue is!”, says Sofia of this old public grain exchange that has been adapted to host events. It can easily be transformed for open/closed events with literally the click of just one button.


  1. Hacienda Los Arcangeles: This venue is a modern hacienda, centrally located in San Miguel de Allende, a chic-colonial town. It has a beautiful chapel and two fantastic houses to host the families; a complete and perfect destination wedding experience!


  1. Ranch Luna Escondida: Surrounded by nature and a stunning landscape, this venue has so many incredible spaces for events that it’s hard for Sofia to pick just one as her favorite. The options are many as well as ultra-versatile to suit different personal styles, ranging from a horse stable to a crystal room. It’s the perfect blend between a peaceful, idyllic paradise and vibrant Mexican tradition.


  1. Hacienda Tovares: “If you’re a horse lover, you will immediately fall in love with this place.” is Sofia’s expert verdict when it comes to Hacienda Tovares. It’s a very complete hacienda in Cadereyta, (40 min. from Querétaro) which offers plenty of gardens, a lake, an organic vineyard, a beautiful hotel boutique, and the most incredible and luxurious horse themed hotel.


Still not sure which is the perfect venue for you or even where to start with your dream wedding? We’re here with all the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had, so forget the wedding planning anxiety and overwhelm and just get in touch