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We are very excited to be part of this moment and we want everything just to be perfect, becoming a mother is one of life’s most special experiences. Cabo is simply a magical place full of light and beautiful landscapes that will make these maternity photos one of the best moments of your life.

So we want to share with you some of our best tips to make this day much easier for you so you don't have to worry about!

1. Find some inspiration

We have inspiration everywhere, make your own mood board and save ideas that catch your eye and help us to know what are you hoping for in your shoot!


2. The perfect Outfit

It’s important to have options to achieve better photos and different looks, one of the most important aspects of maternity clothing is comfort, but at the same time reflect your personality, the important thing is that you feel simply beautiful.

Always choose a second look like a maxi dress, that has a lot of movement that you can play with, this will give us many incredible options that we promise you will love the results. Also, some of our moms to be will opt for a bodycon dress instead, which is a more form-fitting style that will truly accentuate your baby bump.

We recommend sticking with solid colors, feel free to bring multiple outfits in addition to your maternity photoshoot dress, like a pair of jeans and a beautiful color top.

3. Your makeup look

Remember that you are at the beach and it’s always hot so leave your makeup and your hair simple and very natural, always remember less is more.

You can have your makeup on hand and touch it up at different times, change your lipstick color or add a little glitter to your eyes, your choice.

Just be yourself, we want to catch the most real version of you.


4. Don’t forget your props

You might like to bring a few items as props. We suggest keeping them personal like your last ultrasound and bringing only your favorites, allowing time for natural shots as well.

5. Enjoy the location

Cabo offers you a great variety of beautiful locations, you can enjoy magical sunsets, incredible golden hours and a wonderful blue sea for the backdrop.

Don’t be afraid to get wet and enjoy remember that you’ll look back on these maternity photos for a long time, so try not to worry about anything.

6.Have fun

Your maternity session is just a unique moment, so enjoy every second of it, enjoy the process without feeling rushed or stressed. If you’re driving to the session with your loved one, talk about happy baby thoughts on the way there. This is a special time for reflection and love.

And remember this is just the beginning so get ready and have fun.

See you soon.