Epic Escape: Top 5 Things to Do and See in Cabo!

Cabo is THE place to be! And we love it!

Let’s just state the obvious right off the bat and get that out of the way. 

Whether it’s San José del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas or the entire Los Cabos area that encompasses both of these, the term ‘Cabo’ is generally used to describe anywhere in this perfect corner at the tip of Mexico’s Baja California Sur coast. The area is pure paradise and receives with open arms the tons of people who visit here every year.

In all our years of documenting beauty here we’ve got a pretty good grasp of the innumerable reasons why so many people just can’t resist the alluring call of Cabo. 

1. Fun in the Sun: For those who want to escape to the beach to just relax and do absolutely nothing we hear you – there’s nothing that beats blissful R&R; soaking in the serenity with crystal blue waters in your sights, sand in your toes, sea breeze in your hair, margarita/tequila in hand and to just feel utterly and completely pampered in the presence of breathtaking beauty all around. And Cabo’s exactly the place for all of this and more.

2. Feasting: How can you find yourself in Mexico and not dive head first into all that flavourful Mexican food? Foodsploring should rank high on your to-do-list in Cabo and if there’s one place you can’t miss it’s Flora Farms in San José del Cabo with their ultra fresh farm-to-table restaurant, field kitchen, farm store and even a little art gallery on the premises. With a fresher than fresh seasonal menu, a wood-fired oven for the yummiest pizzas, farm grown veggies, organically raised farm animals, their own smoked meats and sausages and creatively crafted cocktails from the farm bar – your tummy will thank you for stopping by here. 
The icing on the cake here isn’t cake (though they definitely have some delicious cake too!) – It’s the fact that this isn’t just any regular farm but a gorgeously manicured glammed up natural locale that serves as the most delightful venue for a rustic and romantic destination wedding.

  1. Fiestas: After all that feasting on scrumptious food the fiestas is what you’re all about then you are in luck as Cabo has options galore for the most epic beachfront parties. But believe us when we say the best parties are the ones you throw yourself!


  1. Whale Watch: Or snorkel with the sea lions or swim with the whale sharks or get up close and personal with a dolphin or two. There are plenty of alternatives if you’ve got your heart set on some close encounters of a very special kind with all the amazing marine life and animals native to this richly biodiverse area and you are highly unlikely to go home disappointed. Visitors even report spotting whales from the shore but do keep in mind when the season is, for each species you’re looking to spot (For instance it runs from December through some time in April when the whales migrate to Baja’s warm waters and similarly for whale sharks who gather to feed in the Bay of La Paz between October and February).
  2. Get Married! Or engaged or elope. We know this isn’t usually on typical travel to-do lists but we’ve witnessed so many joyous and pure moments of love and commitment cemented for a lifetime here at the heart of Cabo that we just have to include this on ours. Whatever your romantic adventure and personal taste/style Cabo has literally every option imaginable. 


Choices range from a tranquil ceremony on the beach at a traditional luxury resort like The Cape, a Thompson Hotel with its sweeping views of El Arco, a breathtaking natural archway and rock formation that is Cabo’s signature natural attraction to tying the knot in a more offbeat location like the lush and abundantly green sanctuary that is Acre, a 25 acre magnificent and magical alternative space full of verdant palms and tall cacti that oozes sophisticated chic. Then there is everything in between and no matter where you choose, once you’ve said your “I do’s” we recommend a much deserved water taxi ride to Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach) to let it sink in that you’re finally Mr.& Mrs.!  


From a family vacation, a sporty adventure out in nature, spring break fun with friends, a romantic getaway to propose, elope/tie the knot or simply just for the love of tacos and tequila, Cabo truly has something for everyone.


So what’s it gonna be for you and when are you coming to visit? And if you are planning a wedding in Cabo get in touch! We’d love to hear all about it and perhaps even be a part of it from behind our camera’s lens.