Rustic Chic: Wild Love and A Wilderness Wedding at Acre in San Jose del Cabo

In the middle of a jungle oasis named Acre is where you both want to be on your special day.

When all that matters is the love you share, when you want to soak in the now, when you want your love to take centre stage as the rest of the world recedes into the background and fades completely away…

Tall cacti and even taller, pretty-as-a-postcard palm trees are the perfect green backdrop to this Baja Wedding with its soft hues and happy hippie vibes on a day that won’t soon be forgotten and not just by dapper groom and breathtakingly beautiful bride.

Lovely wedding in Acre, San Jose del Cabo

Pretty pastel floral arrangements

Pretty pastel floral arrangements in shades of blush with hints of green are brought into sharper focus with earthy lampshades and elegant light fixtures that act as rustic focal points over a cool grey concrete slab table which brings that instant hygge feel of warm and cozy to tie it all together in that mismatched perfectly boho-chic way.

This textured bohemian wedding tablescape is the epitome of all things subtle that elevate the ordinary into exquisite – dotted with neutral, natural linens; romantic, retro candlelights; classic, copper-esque cutlery; and nostalgic, rose-hued antique glasses – forming a truly perfect place to partake in a wedding feast where the imbibements flow freely and the abundance of your love spills over.

In a world that’s filled to the brim with noise and distractions, there’s nothing that beats just how special it is to experience your love in this idyllic getaway – a 25 acre paradise where connection and celebration are at the heart of it all – in a wedding that is quite incredulously the perfect blend of timeless, vintage, old-world charm and ultra-contemporary, sophisticated chic.