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Bridal Detail Checklist

One of our favorite parts on a wedding day is photographing the bridal details. It’s our warm-up time before we run a marathon of creating gorgeous photos for our couples!

But in order to shoot the details, we need everything together.  So today, we’re talking about your Bridal Detail Checklist and what you need to have gathered for us to photograph the first chapter of your wedding day love story.


We love photographing invitations! They’re the perfect reason to make your wedding last, the stationary help your guests get a taste of your wedding style. Building anticipation is a good way of ensuring your big day will be remembered.

A nice hanger

Finding your dream dress was a complicated task, so in order to photograph it in the best way, make sure you have a beautiful dress hanger.


Your wedding day shoes have a major role to fulfill! You have to like them, and also, need to where them for a long period of time. It is a smart decision to use them a week before around your house to get them used to it.


The rings are the representation of the marriage, to portray them in the best way, It is important to have all three rings when we arrive.


Your florist needs to deliver your bouquet while you are getting ready, it’s essential before we get there.

Bonus points: Color plays a substantial role in a flower’s meaning, it is significant that your bouquet stands out in the photographs.

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Vows are the perfect opportunity to express your love on the big day, it is a personal and unique moment. If you have the opportunity to write your vows by hand on a beautiful piece of paper, it would be great.


Wearing a veil on your wedding day is a very personal decision according to your personal taste and belief, photographing it is one of our favorite moments.

When your photographer arrives at your wedding day, make life a little easier for yourself by having all these items already gathered together.