Wedding at Luna Escondida in San Miguel de Allende

Wedding at Luna Escondida in San Miguel de Allende by Mc Weddings and Lucero Alvarez Wedding planner



Against the breathtaking backdrop of Hacienda Santa Ana y Lobos, Fer and Sebas’ radiant smiles say it all in these pictures. Gorgeous slivers of sunlight filtering through the trees and bouncing off their happy faces, the grandeur of this glorious space, one very cute doggy celebrating alongside them, carved stone fountains, popped champagne and the prettiest antique lamps  – these are just some of the details you probably missed thanks to those captivatingly distracting smiles of theirs. And yes, you should double back now to check all those details out once more.


You watch them soak in their love for each other and sigh! 


May Fer and Sebas always look back at this unforgettable day and these photographs as moments in time that stay cherished forever. To us at MC-Weddings, images like these are emblems of a love that’s weathered the test of time; a love that effortlessly makes it appear that time indeed is standing still!

If you’re a bride-to-be and/or groom-to be that’s thinking about somewhere like San Miguel de Allende as the venue for your upcoming destination wedding but aren’t sure or fully convinced yet and want to do something unconventional, check out Hacienda Santa Ana y Lobos that’s in the area but still off the beaten track. Wherever you choose we’d love for the honour to be a part of your perfect day! For more of our work go to our Instagram here.